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"I had an excellent experience with Brush N Bottle in all aspects of organizing this event." ~ Maggi
"The atmosphere is fun, with everyone drinking and eating while painting and overall just looking for a great time." ~Marc
"Excellent!  I took an out of town guest -a bottle of wine and we had a blast!!  The instructions are clear, the customer service was impeccable and I will most certainly do it again, and again!" ~Fonda
"I went by myself FUN FUN FUN!!" ~Michelle
"Love love love this place! I highly recommend it, we will definitely be going back soon!!" ~ Kelly 
"Artist was friendly and helpful and the owners were beyond helpful. I will most definitely go back and enjoy another girls night!" ~M.N
"This was so much fun! The instructors were also awesome and helped so much!" ~Carissa
"Highly recommend it as a fun group experience." ~James L

Private Event

Thursday, October 18,2018
6:30pm to 8:30pm

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Fall 6:30-8:45 Public Class

Friday, October 19,2018
6:30pm to 8:45pm

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Dark Forest 7:15-9:45PM Public Class

Saturday, October 20,2018
7:15pm to 9:45pm

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